Soul. Funk. Sunshine.

Lady Daisey's jazzy underground r'n'b lends itself perfectly to low-slung hip-hop. And she can sing. Moving effortlessly from husky breathiness to intense, soaring soulfulness, hers is a voice that could seriously unsettle the current crop of hip-hop soul divas.

Lady Daisey - soul funk sunshine

Lady Daisey (Daisey Traynham - Brooklyn, NY) is a soul/funk singer who spent her childhood touring the U.S. with her parent’s band. Raised on the road, home-schooled and surrounded by music, it was natural for her to blossom into the artist that she is. Since then, she’s been following her musical path and developed her own playful style, ranging from sultry love songs to powerhouse feel-good old-school soul. Lady Daisey has played venues and festivals around the globe, spreading her message of love and positivity, soulfully presented over head noddin' Batsauce beats. A small woman with a huge voice, Lady Daisey is sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within ear's reach.

Daisey’s music career started in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to singing lead for a few local pop/rock cover bands, she also performed solo acoustic guitar sets, writing her own songs, in search of her own sound. In 2002, she met Batsauce (producer/husband). His influence and dedication sent Daisey in a new direction. His beats and production, together with her unique and soulful vocals, developed a loyal following gaining recognition in local press and media. The husband/wife duo paired up with Paten Locke (aka Therapy, from Asamov) and formed the Smile Rays in 2005, releasing albums on Rawkus, 6-Hole, Jakarta and Subcontact. After recording a track with George Clinton and being selected as Rawkus 50 artists, they quickly won the hearts of the indie hip hop scene. They toured and played festivals throughout Europe, which propelled Lady Daisey to the next chapter of her musical career, releasing “In My Pocket” (bbe) and now finishing her second album “In My Headphones” (bbe).

She's opened for Sharon Jones, Mayer Hawthorne, Chali 2na, Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, the Perceptionists. She's rocked festivals around the world alongside the Roots, Method Man, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Muse, Typical Cats, Souls of Mischief, Zion I. Lady Daisey’s voice can also be heard on recordings with Qwazaar, Typical Cats, Asamov and Marc Hype.

Batsauce - producer, beatmaker, husband

A producer from Jacksonville, Florida, now living halftime in Berlin, Germany with his wife Lady Daisey. He's had the good fortune to produce for the likes of George Clinton, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Paten Locke, Lady Daisey, Surreal, MassInfluence, & Qwazaar to name a few. Urb magazine recently said that "Batsauce is poised to be the next 'it' thing in the world of underground hip-hop."Aside for doing an ep & full-length exclusively with Qwazaar, Batsauce also produces exclusively for the Smile Rays and Lady Daisey in addition to releasing several free projects on bandcamp.

Every day is magical, be it beautiful or tragical. Living and learning, feeling and growing... don't stop!

Lady Daisey - Magical

From the garden...

In addition to her solo albums, Lady Daisey has recorded on several different projects including the Smile Rays, Typical Cats, Qwazaar & Batsauce, Heavenly Noise, as well as a few soul/funk compilations released world-wide on labels such as BBE, Rawkus, Subcontact, 6-Hole, Galapagos4, Jakarta... Check out Lady Daisey's Full Discography


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Lady Daisey - We Will, 2014 bbe

"We Will"

In My Headphones (2014) bbe

Lady Daisey - Soul Strut, 2014 bbe

"Soul Strut"

In My Pocket (2014) bbe
Video by: Conceptflux Media

Lady Daisey - Fruit, 2014 bbe


In My Headphones (2014) bbe

Lady Daisey - In My Headphones (2014) Album release party, Jacksonville, Florida

"In My Headphones"
Album Release Party / Feb 8th, 2014

Jacksonville, Florida

Lady Daisey - Ready, 2014 bbe


In My Pocket (2014) bbe
Video by: Arvid Wu

Lady Daisey - In My Pocket EPK, 2010, bbe

Album Release - EPK

In My Pocket (2010) bbe

from video shoot for We Will, by Chad Hess

Souls Intertwined

Lady Daisey & Batsauce

Official video for Lady Daisey 4am - produced by Batsauce, video by Batsauce

Lady Daisey - 4am

In My Pocket (2011) BBE

Official video for Lady Daisey - Big Time - produced by Batsauce, video by Batsauce

Lady Daisey - Big Time

In My Pocket (2010) BBE

Lady Daisey & Batsauce | Typical Cats 3 Release Party, JAM1PHOTO - WindyCityBboys

Lady Daisey & Batsauce

Typical Cats "3" Release Party

Lady Daisey ♥'s Festivals

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